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Integrity is nothing new for us at The Element Masters, Inc. After all, we were established on top-notch services for our customers. Honesty and reasonable prices are our solutions to your HVAC questions.


For the past 22+ years, our vision has always been clear: high-quality air systems at affordable costs for everyone. As a small company, we treat you the way we treat our team members—like family.


To provide quality engineering, installation, and service of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—to meet the needs of both commercial and residential markets, while maintaining an environment of honesty, integrity, and caring for growth and success.

Our History

Back before The Element Masters, Inc., Lee Bontrager knew there was something big missing. High-quality yet low-cost, low-maintenance HVAC systems and services.

It wasn’t long before Lee and his wife Dorothy founded their own heating and cooling company in 2000. Built on family values, The Elements Masters, Inc. started providing efficient solutions for Middlebury and other communities.

Though times have changed, the company’s values never have. Open, honest communication and quality services continue telling the history of The Elements Masters, Inc. today.

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How often should I change the filter on my heating and AC unit?

It all depends where you live—what the air pollution levels are in your area—and how many pets and family members are living in your home. You should at least look at your filter every 30 days and change it if necessary.

How often should I have my heating and air conditioning units checked?

Most manufacturers recommend checking them at least one a year. The best time is prior to their seasonal use.

What should I do if my heating or air conditioning system fails to operate?

You should check to make sure the thermostat is set on “Heat” or “Cool” as needed and set properly. Check all the switches, fuses, and circuit breakers to be sure there is electricity to the unit. Next, check the filters to make sure they are not clogged. And finally, make sure the gas is turned on.

Is there anything I can do about high heating bills?

There are several things you can do. Start with changing your filter and having your system routinely checked. Another option is installing a more efficient unit.

Is there any problem with setting the temperature on my air conditioner at 70 degrees or lower?

Yes, setting an air conditioner at 70 degrees or lower can cause the unit to freeze up.

Is it good to close off registers in rooms I don't use?

Because closed registers can cause the furnace to overheat and air conditioners to freeze up, typically, you shouldn’t close registers in rooms that aren’t in use.

Should an electronic air cleaner be cleaned?

Yes, monthly for the pre-filters and every three to four months for the main cells.

What can I do if certain parts of my home don't heat or cool evenly?

It depends on the extent of the issue. In a minor situation, it could help to turn “on” the thermostat fan. In major heating/cooling situations, it may require some revisions of duct work.

Why does my digital thermostat have a blank screen?

You may need to change the batteries or check the power to the furnace.

Is using a ceiling fan with an air conditioner cost-efficient or a waste of energy?

Because ceiling fans operate on very little electricity, using them is not a waste of energy. Turn them on to circulate air in your house and make your house feel cooler. By doing this, you can set your AC at a higher temperature and still maintain the same comfort as a lower setting. If you use only ceiling fans in the rooms that you are in, then it will save a bundle. Just remember to turn the fans off when you leave a room.

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  • Middlebury
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  • New Paris
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  • Topeka
  • Bristol
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  • Sturgis
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